A novel approach to enjoying your tripas an entire merchant town
has been incorporated into the hotel


Sawara is the closest town to Narita International Airport that preserves a townscape from the Edo period which has been recognized by the Japanese government. “Sawara Merchant Town Hotel NIPPONIA” is a hotel that is made up of various renovated historical buildings located in the center of this town. Each of the buildings that make up the hotel have been renovated in a way that preserves the charm and appearance from when it was first built whilst also providing pleasant guest rooms and a restaurant where you can relax. At the restaurant you can enjoy sophisticated dishes that feature locally grown ingredients that are representative of the local food culture. In addition to this, there is a concierge that can give you suggestions on how to spend your time in the area according to the different needs and purposes of your trip. At this hotel, you will be sure to feel like a local living in the area as you experience the culture, history, cuisine, and lifestyle of Sawara.



A new type of resort that inherits and preserves historic buildings so that you can enjoy a journey through time



“Sawara Cuisine”, featuring locally grown ingredients made using French cooking techniques that embody the unique qualities of the local food culture